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Art Citation Guide – MLA: Labels, captions, and supply information

Art Citation Guide – MLA: Labels, captions, and supply information

MLA: Labels, captions, and source information

Pictures look straight embedded within the document, except into the situation of manuscripts which can be being ready for book. (For planning manuscripts with artistic materials for publication, see Note on Manuscripts below.) Each example must add a label, quantity, a caption and/or source information.

  • The example label and quantity must always can be found in two places: the document primary text (e.g. see fig. 1) and nearby the example itself (Fig. 1).
  • Captions offer titles or explanatory records.
  • Source information paperwork will constantly rely on the medium of this supply example. If you offer supply information along with of one’s pictures, you certainly do not need to produce these details regarding the Functions Cited web page.


    weebly All visuals/illustrations which are not tables or score that is musical ( e.g. maps, diagrams, maps, v >Figures Example

Some visitors discovered Harry’s last struggle with Voldemort a disappointment, and recently, the podcast, MuggleCast debated the topic (see fig. 2).

Figure caption (below a podcast that is embedded for the document to be looked at electronically):

Fig. 2. Harry Potter and Voldemort battle that is final from Andrew Sims et al.; “Show 166”; MuggleCast;, 19 Dec. 2008,


  • The descriptor Example just relates to illustrations that arage musicale.g. portions of a musical rating). Example is often abbreviated Ex.
  • Reference the instance in-text and offer an Arabic numeral that corresponds towards the example. Try not to capitalize instance or ex.
  • Give you the example, ensuring to keep up basic MLA Style formatting (e.g. one-inch margins).
  • Underneath the example, give you the label (capitalized instance or Ex.) and quantity and a caption or name. The caption or name will usually make the type of supply information along side a description, as an example, of just what area of the rating will be illustrated. You do not need to provide this information on the Works Cited page if you provide source information with your illustrations.

Print Supply Caption Example

Fig. 4. Frank Duveneck, Portrait of Maggie Wilson, Oil up to speed, 38.10 x 30.48 cm, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Texas; Unsuspected Genius: the Art and lifetime of Frank Duveneck, by Robert Neuhaus (San Francisco: Bedford Press, 1987) 227.

Electronic Supply Caption Example

Fig. 9. Amasis Painter, Lekythos; ladies Weaving, 17.15 cm height, Metropolitan Museum of Art, nyc; Accessed Jan. 12, 2007 through the Reed College CONTENTdm database .

Other Supply Caption Example

Fig. 13. Columbia River at Dawn. private picture by writer. 13 March 2008.

MLA Citations

MLA: an work that is original of Art

To cite a genuine work of visual art (a lithograph, artwork, picture, sculpture, etc.) within an organization such as for example a museum or in a collection that is private follow this structure:

Artist’s final name, very first title. Title of artwork. Year. Moderate. Title of institution/private collection housing artwork, town where collection that is institution/private situated.

Evans, Walker. Penny Picture Show. 1936. Photograph. Museum of Mod. Art, Nyc. Heckman, Albert. Windblown Trees. N.d. Lithograph written down. Private collection.

Rembrandt Harmensz van Rijn. Aristotle by having a Bust of Homer. 1653. Oil on canvas. Metropolitan Museum of Art, Ny.

Seurat, Georges. Guy Leaning for a Fence. 1880-81? Graphite in writing. Assortment of Andre Bromberg, n.p.

To learn more, see area 5.7.6, “A Perform of Visual Art,” into the MLA Handbook for Writers of analysis Papers, 7th ed.

An Image/Reproduction of the Work of artistic Art on the internet

To cite an image/reproduction of a work of artistic art from the net, follow this format:

Artist’s last title, very very first title. Title of artwork. 12 Months. Title of institution/private collection housing artwork. Title of database or site. Publisher/sponsor of database or internet site. Moderate consulted. Date of access.

Note about publisher/sponsor: When understood, include when it is maybe not pertaining to the housing institution/collection; is just a parent entity of

the website or database; or provides the source in extra platforms.

Braun, Adolphe. Flower Learn, Rose of Sharon. c. 1854. Metropolitan Museum of Art. Grove Art On The Web. Oxford

University Press. Web. 2 2011 june.

Currin, John. Blond Angel. 2001. Indianapolis Museum of Art. IMA: It’s My Art. Web. 9 Might 2007.

Eggleston, William. Memphis. c. 1969. Museum of Mod. Art.

Academy of Art University Collection, LUNA. Academy of Art University. Online. 27 Apr. 2011.

Lange, Dorothea. The Migrant Mom. 1936. Images and Photographs Div., Lib. of Cong. Dorothea Lange:

Photographer associated with the Individuals. Web. 9 Might 2007.

To find out more, see area 5.6.2.d, “A focus on the net Cited with Publication information for Another moderate Besides Print,” within the MLA Handbook for Writers of analysis Papers, 7th ed.

About URLs

URLs are actually an optional part of a citation, but it is nevertheless suggested to add these details in the event that audience will be unable to discover a reference it is part of an instructor’s requirements without it, or.

Whenever supplying A url, enclose the complete address in angle brackets following a date of access, period, and a place. End the whole entry with an interval after the closing angle bracket:

Artist’s final name, very very first title. Title of artwork. Year. Title of institution/private collection housing artwork. Title of website or database. Publisher/sponsor of website or database. Moderate consulted. Date of access. .

Cloix, Emmanuel. BROUSSAI 2 visu. 2007. Wikimedia Commons. Wikimedia Foundation. Web. 1 2011 june. .

Koul, Anirudh. Golden Gate Bridge – Photographing World’s Most Photographed Spot. 2008. Flickr. Yahoo! Inc. Web. 1 2011 june. .

Moore, Albert. A Yard. 1869. Tate Britain. Art Venture. Bing. Web. 1 2011 june. .

To learn more, see section 5.6.1, “Citing online Publications: Introduction,” within the MLA Handbook for Writers of analysis Papers, 7th ed.

An Image/Reproduction of the Work of artistic Art from the Print supply

To cite an image/reproduction of the ongoing work of artistic art from a printing source, follow this format:

Artist’s final title, very very first title. Title of artwork. 12 Months. Name of institution/private collection housing artwork. Title of printing source. Author/editor’s very first title final title. Publication city: Publisher, year. Page/plate quantity. Moderate of reproduction.

Eakins, Thomas. Spinning. 1881. Personal collection. Thomas Eakins. Ed. Darrel Sewell. Philadelphia: Philadelphia Museum of Art in assn. with Yale UP, 2001. Plate 91. Print.

Kahlo, Frida. The 2 Fridas. 1939. Museo de Art Moderno, Mexico City. Gardner’s Art Through the Ages: The Western Perspective. 12th ed. Ed. Fred S. Kleiner, Christin J. Mamiya. Vol. 2. Belmont: Thomson Wadsworth, 2006. 774. Print.

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