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JFK may have experienced experiences that are gay buddy claims biographer

JFK may have experienced experiences that are gay buddy claims biographer

John F. Kennedy and Lem Billings. JFK Library and Museum

President John F. Kennedy might have had an intimate relationship with a homosexual buddy from his prep college days, claims bestselling author Jerry Oppenheimer, who has got written two publications in regards to the Kennedys.

Whilst the president that is 35th been legendarily referred to as a womanizer whom usually cheated on his spouse, Oppenheimer alleges that JFK’s three-decades long relationship with their former prep college buddy Lem Billings may have already been a sexual one.

Kennedy and Billings came across in 1933 inside their sophomore 12 months at Choate Rosemary Hall, A connecticut prep that is exclusive college. The teens worked together on the class’s yearbook, and Billings became intimately drawn to the handsome young Kennedy.

Oppenheimer writes within the everyday Mail that their relationship that is intimate would from their college years towards the day’s Kennedy’s assassination. He states Billings even had their room that is own in White House, much to Jackie Kennedy’s chagrin.

Billings made their desire known although the two were still in school by composing Kennedy a love note on an item of toilet tissue.

A startled Kennedy reacted into the note by saying, “Please do not compose if you ask me on rest room paper anymore. I am not that form of child. ”

But, Kennedy’s feelings quickly changed and then he became more amenable to his buddy’s advances, based on Lawrence J. Quirk, composer of The Kennedys in Hollywood, whom first came across Billings when you look at the mid-Forties whenever both had been volunteers in Jack Kennedy’s very first campaign that is congressional.

Quirk claims Billings would later confide in him that their relationship with Kennedy had been intimate, to a place, and “included dental intercourse, with Jack constantly in the receiving end. ”

Their arrangement, Quirk says, “enabled Jack to sustain their self-delusion that right males who received oral sex off their men had been actually just straights to locate intimate launch, ” and, “Jack was at love with Lem being in love him the perfect follower adorer. With him and considered”

The family patriarch, was reportedly suspicious of Billings’ close relationship with his son, the Kennedy family welcomed Billings into their exclusive family circle although Joe Kennedy.

Relating to Billings’ biographer David Pitts, “Once JFK decided that Billings was his closest friend – like it or keep, everyone when you look at the household sort of dropped in accordance with that. The Kennedys had been a family that is liberal the one that tolerated plenty of heterosexual promiscuity as well. ”

In her own memoir, circumstances to keep in mind, posted eleven years after JFK’s assassination in Dallas in 1963, matriarch Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy wrote that Billings had “remained Jack’s lifelong friend that is close confidant, sharer in old memories and brand brand new experiences…He has got actually been section of ‘our household’ since that very first time he turned up at our home as certainly one of ‘Jack’s shocks. ’”

Lem Billings and John F. Kennedy pictured during the Kennedy family members’s Palm Beach estate. Credit: JFK Presidential Library and Museum

After Kennedy had been elected president, Billings was a constant existence at the White home, and advisers where worried about feasible governmental repercussions. There was clearly a fear Russian agents could make use of the relationship to blackmail Kennedy, claims Oppenheimer.

Jackie had been apparently upset that her husband invested therefore enough time with Billings and therefore he frequently invested the evening in the White House.

After Kennedy’s assassination, Billings was devastated. Biographer Sally Bedell Smith, described Billings as “probably the saddest for the Kennedy widows. ”

After the assassination of RFK in 1968, Billings transferred his intimate feeling to Kennedy’s nephew, Bobby Kennedy Jr, to who Billings would be a “fawning surrogate daddy and other medication individual. ”

“Young Bobby replaced Jack in Lem’s heart of hearts, ” one source told Oppenheimer, that is the writer associated with the guide Robert F. Kennedy Jr. While The black Side regarding the Dream.

David Pitts, mcdougal of Jack and Lem: The Untold Story of an exceptional Friendship, told him: “Lem ended up being a man that is gay he previously a 14-year-old, good-looking kid staying in their house or apartment with him and there have been rumors as a result of that. We have no proof some way, but I would personally discount any sexual intercourse. ”

Lem Billings died inside the rest of a apparent coronary attack may 28, 1981 in the chronilogical age of 65.

Bobby Kennedy Jr. Offered the eulogy.

“I’m certain he’s currently arranging everything in heaven so that it is going to be ready for people – with only just the right Early United states furniture, just the right curtains, the proper rugs, the proper paintings, and every thing prepared for a large, big celebration.

“Yesterday was Jack’s birthday celebration. Jack’s friend that is best had been Lem, in which he would like to remind camcrawler everybody else of this today. I know the Lord that is good knows heaven is Jesus and Lem and Jack and Bobby loving each other. ”

John F. Kennedy and Lem Billings. JFK Library and Museum

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