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The raids were also directed against the illegal workers

The raids were also directed against the illegal workers

This is also worrying because the search for a psychotherapy place was associated with significant waiting times even before the corona crisis.

A similar trend to that of depression is emerging for other disorders, according to Shiban. In the case of eating disorders, for example, there is a clear increase in moderate and severe symptoms.

So far around 2000 people have taken part in the survey online. A comparison between federal states and with Norway and Canada is planned. Cooperation partners are the University of Regensburg, the Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences and Carleton University in Ottawa.

The scientists use the so-called ISR questionnaire – an instrument with which symptoms of mental disorders are recorded. According to the ISR norm sample, one percent of the general population would be expected to have severe depression, Shiban said. “In our study, on the other hand, we observed a share of severe depression of five percent.” There are indications that such effects of quarantine measures could persist in the longer term.

Numerous studies such as the “COSMO” project ( examine, among other things, the psychological well-being of people during the corona pandemic. At the end of May, 40.4 percent of those surveyed for “COSMO” found their personal situation stressful. 22.6 felt lonely. Young people and singles in particular described themselves as lonely – and according to the researchers, loneliness is associated with “considerable health risks”. In addition, more than one in three complained of poor social support – in 2012, according to a representative study, only 17 percent did so. The background could be the contact restrictions, the scientists suspect.

The “COVID-19 Snapshot Monitoring” (“COSMO”) is a joint project of the University of Erfurt, Robert Koch Institute, Federal Center for Health Education, Leibniz Center for Psychological Information and Documentation, Science Media Center, Bernhard Nocht Institute for Tropical Medicine and Yale Institute for Global Health.

The study COH-FIT (Collaborative Outcomes Study on Health and Functioning during Infection Times) led by the Charité in Berlin deals with the physical and mental consequences of the pandemic. Almost 200 scientists from more than 40 countries are involved, including researchers from the Hannover Medical School (MHH). “In Hanover, the focus of the study is on the effects that the corona crisis has on mentally unstable people,” said Kai Kahl, executive senior physician at the MHH psychiatric clinic, on Monday. He is interested, among other things, in the consequences of quarantine and contact bans on people with manic or depressive illnesses, post-traumatic stress disorders or borderline syndrome.

Hanna Bohnekamp told about her life without a pill, but with pimples. Almost two weeks later, this interview made waves in Germany.

On “Stern TV” the former GNTM candidate reported again about her experiences after stopping pills. Especially from her feelings before she shared the first photo of her pimply skin on Instagram.

“Do I, don’t I?”

“, ‘Instagram’);}) (); / ** /

“The first post was a real overcoming. I had already taken the photo. But I had probably spent ten days on the cell phone and kept thinking: I’ll do it, won’t I?”, She told the 27-year-old as moderator Steffen Hallaschka responded to how difficult it was for her to go public about her pimples.

A lot of people get to see what she shares on the photo platform. Hanna is not only a model, but also an influencer. She now has over 14,000 fans on Instagram. The student would like to present herself to her followers as she currently looks: with lots of pimples on her face.

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So much honesty on the platform, which is otherwise better known for its filters, is well received. Hanna gets more likes for an unvarnished, unedited picture than for perfect model shots. A positive side effect: it educates young women in particular. On the one hand, it encourages critical examination of the pill, on the other hand, it shows that small blemishes such as pimples are no reason to despair or hide.

“I withdrew a little bit first”

But in an interview with Hallaschka she also makes it clear that she was not at peace with her “new” appearance overnight. “It was a process, I had to come to terms with it myself before I could go public with it. I first withdrew a bit on Instagram and dealt with how I was doing.” Only when the time was right for her did she share a first pimple portrait. 

Sources used: GNTM finalist Hanna Bohnekamp stands by her pimples “Stern TV” from February 20, 2019Instagram profile of Hanna Bohnekamp show more sources less sources

In northern Germany, around 1,200 officers were involved in a major raid against a fraudulent network of building contractors. Two company owners were determined. 

In northern Germany, 1,200 police, tax investigators, public prosecutors and customs officers carried out a major raid against a network of fraudulent construction companies. It was about serious cases of social security fraud and tax evasion as well as the smuggling of foreigners, said the lead public prosecutor in Kiel. Accordingly, around 110 addresses in Schleswig-Holstein and other properties in the neighboring states of Hamburg and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania were searched.

Two owners arrested

According to the public prosecutor’s office, two arrest warrants should also be executed against company owners. The raids are directed against around 50 suspects who are said to have employed black iron weavers on construction sites for several years “to maximize their own profits”. They are said to have built a nationwide bogus company network to cover up the situation.

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The investigators also accuse the perpetrators of having issued workers from third countries without work permits as EU citizens and equipping them with forged passports. The raids were also directed against the illegal workers. In addition, so-called asset arrests should be enforced for values ​​of four and a half million euros. The main search areas were in Neumünster and Bad Bramstedt in Schleswig-Holstein.

Sources used: AFP news agency

An apparently mentally ill man equipped himself with a fire accelerator gained access to a chapel in Friedberg – and tried to burn down the church.

An apparently mentally confused 55-year-old is said to have tried to set a Catholic chapel on fire in Friedberg. According to the police, witnesses reported last Friday evening that a man broke a window in the building, poured fire accelerators into it and set it on fire. According to the police, the flames did not spread to the building, so the fire went out before the fire brigade arrived.

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According to the police, the witnesses could still see the license plate number of the car with which the man then fled. A police patrol stopped the 55-year-old shortly afterwards. According to the police, the officers also found a half-filled petrol can in the car. The police are currently assuming that the man is mentally ill. It was said that he was admitted to a psychiatric hospital.

Two patients in a psychiatric clinic in North Rhine-Westphalia are on the run. They took control of a carer and fled with a trick. 

After being taken hostage, two patients from a psychiatric clinic in Bedburg-Hau (Kleve district) are still on the run. At least one of the two fugitives is likely to be in possession of a knife, as the police announced on Tuesday morning. The men were therefore convicted of robbery and had been in the penal system since October and December 2019. The circumstances of the escape suggest, according to a spokesman, that the duo are violent. 

During their escape, the two patients forced the nurse who had been taken hostage to have the outer door opened. The nurse told the gate that he had to go outside to dispose of garbage, said a spokesman for the Kleve district police on Tuesday. “Then the outer doors were opened.” All three then went out and went to the caretaker’s car. There they left their hostage and fled by car.

No sign of the men yet

There was no trace of the two men by Tuesday noon. A spokeswoman said a helicopter, ten police cars from the Klever district police and the criminal police participated in the search during the night. “Everything we had on the street was included.”

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On Monday evening, the fugitives took control of a nurse and included a second nurse. The 38 and 43 year old men were armed with kitchen knives. Both clinic employees were uninjured.

On Monday, the Bielefeld Regional Court sentenced a 48-year-old man from Bad Oeynhausen to nine years in prison for manslaughter of his neighbor. In doing so, the judges joined the public prosecutor’s request. The defense had pleaded for seven years and four months. The motive for the crime remained unclear until the end of the trial. The German had stated that he had been provoked and spat upon by the woman before he cut her neck with a kitchen knife and stabbed her in May 2020. The neighbors had only met that evening (Ref .: 1 Ks 20/20).

In the opinion of the court, the caretaker is less responsible for his alcoholism. He now has to start a therapy for which the 48-year-old had spoken out himself. Since the victim was also heavily drunk in the act, the court did not believe the defendant’s version of the provocation.

After the crime, the caretaker himself called the police and gave everything away. He also confessed during the trial. According to an expert opinion, the defendant had 2.5 per thousand alcohol in his blood in the act in Bad Oeynhausen in the Minden-Lübbecke district.

In the process of an ax attack on a supposed rival, the Rostock regional court sentenced a 36-year-old man to four years and three months in prison. The court considered it proven that the man ran towards the victim on a street in Teterow (Rostock district) with his ax raised in December 2019. He had intended to split the other man’s skull. He only just missed its head because the victim was able to avoid it. He was convicted of attempted dangerous bodily harm. (Ref .: 13 Ks 38/20)

The reason for the offense is said to have been a phone call from the victim to the defendant’s girlfriend. He then announced the ax attack on the victim by voice message.

Because the defendant screamed and rioted during the sentencing, he was expelled from the room by the presiding judge. The man disagreed with the court’s ruling that he was being sent to rehab for an alcohol problem.

According to the court, the large number of his previous convictions was assessed as aggravating the sentence. He received the last one because of predatory extortion, during which he also carried a semi-automatic weapon. He also committed the ax attack while on parole. In reaching its verdict, however, the court also took into account that he had been seriously injured by the victim after the attack.

At VfL Gummersbach, a member of the team from the second division handball team and the 2nd team tested positive for the corona virus. The club announced on Tuesday. Accordingly, the person concerned has no symptoms. According to the association’s announcement, the responsible health department identified the entire 2nd team of VfL as well as the professional players Julius Fanger, Tom Kiesler, Mathis Häseler and Lasse Hasenforther as first-degree contact persons and ordered quarantine. The game of the second division against TV 05/07 Hüttenberg scheduled for Wednesday (7 p.m.) is to be played with the exclusion of spectators.

The Oberbergische Kreis has tightened its quarantine rules: From this Tuesday (November 24th), contact persons who live in a household with a person who tested positive for the coronavirus must immediately go into quarantine. The district announced this on Monday evening in Gummersbach.

The contact persons would no longer have to wait for the call from the health department and the quarantine order. “In this way we create commitment for the contact persons concerned and at the same time gain valuable time”, says District Administrator Jochen Hagt.

The infection rate in the Oberbergischer Kreis is currently high. Due to the daily growing number of laboratory-confirmed SARS-CoV-2 cases, it is currently no longer possible to inform all affected persons promptly.

Since the beginning of the month, the citizens of the Oberbergischer Kreis have been obliged to put themselves into quarantine immediately if they have a positive test result.

One week before the start of the 2nd Bundesliga handball, VfL Gummersbach has to forego two players with serious knee injuries for a long time.