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Tenant representatives fear that the pressure on tenants will increase with the rise in the Dax

Tenant representatives fear that the pressure on tenants will increase with the rise in the Dax

The driver was taken to the hospital. The police put the property damage at around 150,000 euros.

The police broke up a corona party with 33 guests in Schmalkalden (Schmalkalden-Meiningen district). The mostly teenagers and adolescents had celebrated their birthday loudly on Saturday night, as the police reported on Sunday. Several neighbors complained. All celebrants were expelled from the place after the personal details were collected. She is now expecting a report because of the violation of the Infection Protection Act.

Ten years after the spectacular sinking of Schmalkalden in southern Thuringia, the earth has not yet completely calmed down on the scene. "A slight subsidence is still measurable in the area surrounding the sinkhole", said Sven Schmidt, geologist at the Thuringian State Office for the Environment, Mining and Nature Conservation, the German Press Agency. In the early morning of November 1, 2010, a crater suddenly appeared in a residential area with single-family and terraced houses, which quickly grew to around 30 meters in diameter. He swallowed a car, parts of the garage and a piece of the garden. Nobody got hurt. Experts identified a natural sinkhole as the cause, triggered by an underground cavity.

An observation and early warning system was then installed at the filled crater, which records the smallest movements of the earth. In Thuringia, 60 percent of the state’s area is considered to be at risk of earthfall, which is a nationwide peak.

Four foreign children were attacked by strangers at the Schmalkalden swimming pool. As the police announced on Monday, the children between the ages of 11 and 13 were first seen at the entrance to the bathroom on Sunday afternoon "with ethnically discriminatory words" insulted. Then one of the boys was reportedly held by the hair and another hit on the leg and face; one of the children’s backpacks was thrown into the water. The perpetrators, four young people between the ages of 15 and 18, were able to escape.

There was another attack early Monday morning in Weimar. There, several young people in the area of ​​the state administration office threw bottles at an Asian-looking couple, the police said. Whether the two were injured was not known for the time being – they escaped the attackers according to the information in the direction of the train station. Two suspects aged 14 and 21 have been identified, according to police. Now the two attacked and other witnesses are wanted to clear up the incident, it said.

The multifaceted Thuringian art of the past 100 years is highlighted in a new exhibition in Schmalkalden. The show, which opened on Saturday, brings together the work of more than 90 kill a mockingbird essay examples According to the Schmalkalden Art Association, these include names of great artists such as Paul Klee, Otto Dix, Lyonel Feininger and Gerhard Marcks. But works by young artists from Erfurt and by graduates of the Bauhaus University in Weimar can also be seen.

The exhibition has kept an eye on all the important political and historical phases since the Free State was founded in 1920 and shows their influence on artistic creation, it said. Culture Minister Benjamin-Immanuel Hoff (left) explained the show "Overland – 100 years of art in Thuringia" enrich the 100th anniversary of the Free State. Starting with the merger of the seven small states to form Thuringia, a broad, rich art scene has developed.

Around 120 paintings, drawings, graphics, sculptures, photos, films and installations are presented in Schmalkalden. They are mostly on loan from Thuringian art museums, but also from private collections. The show can be viewed at four exhibition locations in Schmalkalden until the beginning of December. These include Wilhelmsburg Castle, the Otto Mueller Museum der Moderne, the Alte Post and the Totenhof Church. From the beginning of February, the exhibition will then be on view in the art gallery in the twin town of Recklinghausen.

The Schmalkalden-Meiningen district archive will receive the Thuringian Archive Prize 2020. The institution also qualified for the award thanks to its program for 30 years of reunification, announced the Sparkassen-Kulturstiftung Hessen-Thüringen and the Thuringian Regional Association in the Association of German Archivists on Tuesday . The foundation and the association have been awarding the prize since 2011.

The archive made an impressive regional contribution to the topic with special and traveling exhibitions and panel discussions, it said. The award is also intended to honor the many years of committed and professional public and historical educational work of the archive.

The award ceremony is planned for October 14th in Meiningen. The award is endowed with 5000 euros.

The Thuringian Library Prize 2020, endowed with 10,000 euros, goes to the "Heinrich Heine"Library in Schmalkalden. The award jury was particularly impressed by the project "Load" the city and district library, in which young people can digitally discover local history, as the Thuringia Regional Association of the German Library Association announced on Tuesday in Ilmenau.

The city and district library Saalfeld and the city library Hermsdorf receive sponsorship awards. The library prize has been awarded since 2003 by the Sparkassen-Kulturstiftung Hessen-Thüringen together with the regional association. This year’s award ceremony is planned for November 11th in Erfurt.

In the district of Schmalkalden-Meiningen, animal abusers drowned two dogs. The dead mixed breed dogs lay with their legs tied together in the water catchment basin of an agricultural company in pink near Breitungen, as the police announced on Monday. A witness found the drowned animals there. The owner of the Dachshund and Cheaper mixed breed dog had missed his animals since last Tuesday, between that day and last Sunday they were thrown into the pool, according to the police. The mixed breed dachshund had injuries to its snout and back. The police are investigating an offense under the Animal Welfare Act.

A couple is said to have taken advantage of the lack of language skills of Romanian and Bulgarian workers and their inexperience with legal contracts in Germany to rent desolate apartments at exorbitant prices. After searches in Eschborn and Offenbach, the couple were provisionally arrested on Wednesday, said a police spokeswoman in Offenbach. In addition to contract documents, money and a laptop were also secured. According to the information, the Darmstadt public prosecutor’s office and the commissioner for fraud have been investigating the 45-year-old couple for more than two years on suspicion of commercial usury and falsification of documents.

The couple owns several properties in Offenbach. In these apartments, the tenants only had beds, but had to pay far excessive rents. In addition, the man is said to have intimidated several tenants with physical violence. In order to cover up the situation, the couple is said to have entered invented personal details in the rental agreements. It is also said to have put pressure on the tenants to prevent them from submitting applications for housing benefit, for example. The investigators are currently assuming about 40 cases.

After almost exactly 32 years, it’s over for the time being: Dax founding member Lufthansa has to vacate its place in the first German stock market league. The shares of Germany’s largest airline have been traded in the MDax of medium-sized stocks since Monday. Deutsche Wohnen takes over the place in the German share index. The Berlin company is the second real estate group in the Dax after Vonovia from Bochum.

The federal capital now has a representative among the 30 companies in the leading German index – 14 years after Bayer took over Schering. Deutsche Wohnen is Germany’s second largest private landlord with 160,000 apartments nationwide. Tenant representatives fear that the pressure on tenants will increase with the rise in the Dax.

Deutsche Börse regularly reviews the composition of its share indices. Decisive for membership of the group of 30 DAX companies are stock exchange turnover (trading volume) and stock market value (market capitalization) of a company.

In the Corona crisis, Lufthansa came under heavy pressure, the airline’s share price collapsed. A government rescue package worth around nine billion euros is intended to stabilize the company. However, the approval of the shareholders to the rescue package is not certain: Major shareholder Heinz Hermann Thiele, who holds a good 15 percent of the shares, could stand up.

Index changes are particularly important for funds that precisely replicate indices (ETFs). There must then be reallocation, which usually has an impact on the share price. Belonging to the Dax is also a question of prestige: especially for international investors, the most important German stock market barometer is the figurehead of the German economy.

In uncertain economic times, the demand for gold as an investment at Deutsche Börse has increased significantly. 221.7 tons of the precious metal were stored in the company’s vaults in Frankfurt as of June 30, as the stock exchange announced on Thursday. At the beginning of the year it was 18.5 tons less.

New gold is always added when investors purchase the so-called Xetra Gold bond. One gram of the precious metal is deposited for each unit certificate. After the rise in the price of gold in the past few months, the value of the gold holdings climbed to 11.3 billion euros – another high.

In view of the high level of uncertainty in the markets, Deutsche Börse continues to calculate "keen interest in gold". The precious metal is considered a safe haven for investors in turbulent times. In addition, savings accounts or overnight money have hardly brought in anything for a long time because of the extremely low interest rates. Investments in gold that generates neither interest nor dividends are therefore still attractive for savers.

The Stuttgart Stock Exchange also offers a gold-based exchange-traded security ("Euwax gold"). According to a message from May, the daily trading volume for this product was four times higher than the previous year’s average.

Police, fire brigade and a butcher have been on duty in Kaltennordheim because of a wild boar in a residential building. The animal was probably accidentally driven into the Kaltensundheim district (Schmalkalden-Meiningen district) during a drive hunt and entered the building through an open door, the police said on Saturday. A hunter and a veterinarian were also reportedly on site. First, the wild pig was barricaded in a room on Saturday before it could be escorted outside via a secure route. The freedom for the animal only lasted briefly: "Unfortunately, due to his aggressiveness, the intruder had to be professionally killed by a butcher called for help", said in the police report.

The automotive suppliers Continental and Osram have to end their cooperation in lighting technology due to the corona and industry crisis. The joint venture with headquarters in Munich, which was founded in 2018 and specializes in LED headlights, is to be dissolved, both companies announced on Wednesday. The separation had already become apparent in the summer. Concrete talks would now be held to dissolve the joint venture, explained Conti. They should be completed by the end of the year. Continental and Osram have so far each held half.

The introduced areas with 1500 employees at 14 locations are to return to the company. A Conti spokeswoman said it is not yet possible to say exactly where the jobs will be located in both parent companies: "We are now entering into negotiations." Overall, the Dax company from Hanover is pursuing a tough austerity course against the background of the collapse in demand during the pandemic and the switch to new drive technologies and software. Regarding lighting technology in the joint venture, it stated that projects agreed with customers would continue.

Osram emphasized that no staff cuts were planned in connection with the dissolution: "The stated intention is to get people back into the company." The negotiations should be finished by Christmas. The supervisory boards still have to give their final approval.

With this step, Continental and Osram reacted to the difficult market situation that had arisen due to weak global car production and the virus crisis, according to the reasoning. The former expectations of cooperation could no longer be upheld. At the beginning of July, Conti announced that both companies were talking about the future of their joint activities. There was also speculation about a sale. The majority of Osram is now owned by the Austrian sensor specialist AMS.

Continental – the world’s second largest automotive supplier after Bosch – is converting its structures in the direction of electronics, sensors, electromobility and software. Light and LED technology are also regarded as future technologies in the industry, but the focus of the Hanoverians will be primarily on IT systems and networking in the future. The classic drive division will also soon be spun off into an independent company.

In the Osrams case, there have recently been rumors about a possible break-up because AMS is only said to be interested in parts of the company. The lighting technology manufacturer, formerly also known for its light bulbs, posted high losses in the second quarter, but things looked much better at AMS.

The Austrians owe their good numbers primarily to their business as a supplier to the smartphone industry. At Osram, the auto division plays a bigger role and was hit particularly hard by Corona. In the joint venture with Continental, AMS boss Alexander Everke recently had none "strategic logic" seen more.

After criticism of the handling of the Dax group Wirecard, which was involved in an accounting scandal, Deutsche Börse is revising its rules for the first German stock exchange league. "Confidence in the capital market has obviously suffered in the last few days. As a marketplace operator, it is also our job to strengthen trust in the capital market", announced the Frankfurt store operator on Monday.

"That is why we have decided to subject the rules and regulations with the involvement of the regulators and the rules for membership of the Dax family to an in-depth review and revise them." A stock exchange spokesman said that the proposals to change the rules and regulations would be discussed with market participants as usual.