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Bets10 is the best in its field with sports betting, live betting, casino, live casino , and online poker games.
It offers a great betting experience to the users as it is compatible with betting, desktop and all smart phones on mobile.
Sports Betting and Live Betting
Bets10 Betting Division offers more than 4000 sports betting options with top odds at all times . In addition , you can watch high quality matches on the live betting page, bet according to the course of the match, predict the score, or the team that will score, and multiply your excitement.
Casino and Live Casino
Bets10 casino and live casino pages, top casino games In addition, it has taken the popular games that have advanced in online games such as blackjack and roulette even further, and has become a role model in this field by keeping user satisfaction in the forefront. You will bring a different breath to your casino games experience with high bonus campaigns and organized tournaments in slot machines, video slots, video poker, mini casino games. Roulette, blackjack, baccarat, online poker and betting games in the live casino will make you feel in a real casino hall, you only have to win.
Online Poker The
online poker section offers exciting, prize-winning tournaments and special bonuses rather than the familiar poker game.
Covering the whole world Texas Hold’em , popular Omaha, Omaha Hi / Lo games are together here. Show your skill in online poker, swallow the small fish.
Virtual Betting, Scratch Cards and Online Betting Games
Virtual Games, Scratch Cards, and more. Whichever online game you are looking for, you will find the best quality and fun on the most reliable betting games site, Bets10.

Conscious Play

Playing games are fun and profitable.bets10 But you may not always win. Losing is also part of the game and we have to be prepared for it. Please read our stipulations and game rules, learn more about the conscious game and the player’s protection tools. Remember, games of chance are addictive, please be mindful. Bets10 supports deliberate play.

The site map below will give you information about our site, and the Bets10 buttons will guide you to Bets10 Login .

Bets10 Turkey ‘s most comprehensive sports betting the odds and bets with options, quick bet is a leading betting site and attracts attention along with its user-friendly screen. You can find live bets and sports bets on
many sports branches, competitions, various tournaments, cups and organizations from football to basketball, ice hockey to combat sports . Bets10 Mobile There are different channels that allow you to access Bets10 betting site from all browsers and mobile interfaces. Mobile betting that one may easily access from your iOS and Android mobile devices

Our site, Bets10 mobile and android application compatible with your smart phones, where you can have a great betting experience, will connect you to all gaming halls including casino , live casino , virtual sports betting , poker and Turkish poker and will prompt you to privileged. We also have a bet for our Live Score section where you can see all live results, match results, standings and statistics . Turkey’s most reliable and most comprehensive live betting joining the site, Bets10 unique casino games meet with the betting options and we advise you to exercise your right to be privileged.

Live betting interface and live betting options accepted as role models by betting sites on Bets10 live betting site.
Its classic and simple view that allows you to watch live match broadcasts on the live betting screen, fast combined betting with multiple live bets , unique filtering experience is also on Bets10 .
Turkey’s most reliable, comprehensive sports betting and live betting advice while using your right to be privileged by joining the site, you are unique Bets10 casinos are invited to generally meet and betting options.

Bets10 brings the joy of live casino to your feet with real customers. Blackjack , Roulette , Baccarat , Poker and all other games you can find in live casinos are now on the Bets10 live casino page.
You can continue your games by chatting with the professionals who are beautiful, charming and speak the same language as you, who are experts in their business. At the same time, you can monitor all the movements of the dealers in high quality, check how they are carded and distributed, and you can request support whenever you want. Bets10 has always been a role model in the sector along with its corporate identity and has always been along with its users in terms of reliability along with its experience since 2011.
Using the most up-to-date technologies in Live Casino games, Bets10 has brought a real casino pleasure to your home computer and even your mobile phone.

Choosing a Live Casino Site

Is it safe?

The most important question when choosing a live casino site is reliability, after finding the right answer, you can play safely and withdraw your winnings with peace of mind when you win.

What Are The Withdrawal Options?

Another detail you should pay attention to are the withdrawal methods, if there is a withdrawal method that is not suitable for you, or if there is no choice that suits you, you should think twice when choosing this casino site.

What Are The Game Options?

It should be the game you are addicted to in the game options, playing the game you like best and know best, on the site you feel safe, will bring you closer to winning.

Does it have Mobile Applications?

Can you connect to your account on this casino site from all mobile devices that you are addicted? Does it have a mobile app? Are their mobile apps compatible with all smartphones? Winning on a live casino site with all of these is now proportional to your skills.

This link works for you yourself to move to the most popular Live casino hall on mobile .

What are the best alternatives for Live Casino sites?

1️ – Bets10 uses the most up-to-date technologies in Live Casino games, bringing the real casino pleasure to your home computer and even your mobile phone. Info & Membership

2️ – Casino Metropol , Casino Metropol has been providing the best service to its users as the oldest and most reliable online casino site in Europe since 1963. Info

3️ – CasinoMaxi , Get ready for outstanding Live Casino experience with CasinoMaxi, Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, Poker and more, all on your online casino site CasinoMaxi. Info

4️ – MobilbetTurkey’s first and only mobile betting site, has demonstrated its success in the field of sports betting, it has registered in the live casino section. Information and Membership

Bets10 casino table games, blackjack, roulette, casino poker, slot machines, jackpots , video slots, video poker, online poker, VIP games and more. Fun is now in the palm of your hand, wherever you are, at home, at your workplace, in your car.
Betsson increases the winning rate of its users in the casino with the bonus and campaigns it offers. You can get information about the payments made to your users from the “Earning Reports” section. There is no deposit requirement to have fun in the live casino . You can also play games with virtual money offered for games at Bets10 and continue your entertainment.
Bets10, Turkey’s most reliable and highest quality Apart from being a casino and a live casino site, it is the most winning gaming platform compared to any other casino.

Bets10 offers one of the oldest card games, Poker, to its users with the widest game network and variety. Unlike other casino games, Poker requires more strategic action and patience than luck.
Holdem poker is a popular poker game preferred by millions of online poker players from around the world. You should definitely try the Holdem poker game with the difference of Bets10 betting site.
Bets10 also offers its poker game in Turkish with a user-friendly screen. Located in the coming menu window Poker Play Poker You can download it to your computer by clicking the option, go to the tournaments section to get information about all the awards, and join the tournament you want instantly.
Bets10 has also stood by poker lovers with unlimited poker tables, tournaments and high reward tournaments.

Bets10 no live for poker lovers in Turkey casino can not be found on the site Turkish Poker game offers as online.
Although Turkish Poker is a game played differently from other types of poker , it has similar rules to normal poker games.
It has been accepted by poker masters in all countries and has become the symbol of casino games . With Bets10 you can play Turkish Poker, which is very fun, enjoyable and extremely exciting, against real players for real money.
We would like to remind Turkish Poker players the following great features;
Opportunity to try yourself by playing with free virtual game money,

  • The opportunity to chat with Turkish players,
  • How to play Turkish Poker guide,
  • 24/7 online Customer Service.

Bets10 is the Internet’s Most Comprehensive Game Portal where you can find Real Money Games, Bingo, Live Betting, Scratchcard, Sports Betting, Casino, Live Casino and Poker sections . Mobile. The Twitter is Here

Free spins up to 100 L unconditional to new members

Turkey’s most reliable gaming site Bets10, sports betting, live betting, casino, live casino and online poker is the best in the area with games.
It is compatible with betting , desktop and all smartphones in the mobile screen , helping to provide users with a great gaming experience.

Bets10 is your button to login.

Withdrawal Methods

1- Transfercard: By having a Transfercard ATM card, you can easily withdraw money from your Bets10 account. Minimum: 100 TL, Maximum: 10.000 TL (24 hours)

First membership bonus – from the leading betting site

2- EcoPayz : If you make a deposit with the EcoPayz method, you can withdraw in 24 hours with the same method. Minimum: 50 TL, Maximum: 5.000 TL (24 hours)

3- Bank Transfer: With this method, you can withdraw at least 500 TL. It takes a maximum of 5 working days. Minimum: 500 TL, Maximum: 20.000 TL (5 working days)

4- Jeton Wallet: If you have made a single deposit to the coin wallet method before, you can withdraw a minimum of 50 TL with this method. Minimum: 50 TL, Maximum: 20.000 TL (24 hours)

Deposit Methods

1- Credit card (Visa / Mastercard) Visa Minimum: 25 TL / Maximum: 2.000 TL MASTERCARD => Minimum: 25 TL / Maximum: 500 TL

2- EcoPayz (Bank Transfer): You can open an EcoPayz account and deposit money to Bets10. Minimum: 10 TL / Maximum: 50.000 TL

3- ATM Card: You can make transactions with your Visa Electron / Mastercard card on our money deposit page, as if you were making transactions with a credit card. Visa Minimum: 25 TL / Maximum: 2.000 TL MASTERCARD => Minimum: 25 TL / Maximum: 500 TL

4- Jeton Wallet: It is an online wallet . Money can be easily deposited to Jeton Wallet via instant money transfer, cepbank and even bitcoin. Minimum: 2 Euros / Maximum: 10.000 Euros

5- PayKasa: A prepaid code system Minimum: 10 Euros / Maximum: 5000

6- PayKwik: A prepaid code system Minimum: 10 Euros / Maximum: 1000 Euros

7- Cashixir: A prepaid code system Minimum: 10 Euros / Maximum: 10.000

8- Token: A prepaid code system Minimum 10 TL, / Maximum 50,000 TL

First Membership Bonus 5000 TL

Your 100% First Deposit Bonus for First Time Deposit is exactly 500 TL!

Choose Your Bonus Here

Extra rate of the week for our new members, only for this week !

Choose the bonus you want

200% Bonus up to 200 TL ;
We multiply your deposit amount up to 100 TL by 3! The maximum bonus amount that can be received is 200 TL. 100% Bonus

up to 1000TL ; We double the amount you have deposited up to 1000 TL. The maximum bonus amount that are received is 1000 TL. 50% Bonus up to 5000TL ; You obtain a plus of half the amount you deposit. The maximum bonus you can get when you make this choice is 5000 TL.

Friend Invite Bonus

Invite your friend who’s got not played at Bets10 before, to Bets10 by filling the form on the right. Your friend will register at Bets10 by confirming your invitation e-mail and deposit at least the following amounts;

100-499 per deposit transaction with $ 50,
500 – £ 999 deposit in $ 250,
at $ 1,000 and higher deposit $ 500
and you and a friend bonus.

Bet Wizard

Professional wager a bet to play for beginners or those who like the two giants amazing site feature, Bet Wizard . In Turkey, one of the first to perform Bets10 and Mobilbahis with new features like a giant fraternity bets came into the world. You can now make a combination bet on a single match and multiply your winnings. How Does? Continue reading my post.

https: //www.bets10.mob i

WhatsApp Bonus

Sign up for Bets10 Whatsapp now, take advantage of great offers and surprise deals instantly.
Signing up for the Bets10 Whatsapp application is completely free.
You will receive at most one message a day and you will only receive the information of the most important campaigns available on Whatsapp.
Your phone number will be protected by Bets10 as always to the highest standards.
To stop Whatsapp messages, it’s going to be enough to write “Stop” and send it. Then, whenever he sends a message to the same number, the notifications will come back.

Extra rate

Bets10 continues to impress the industry. Extra odds at Bets10. So what is the extra rate? here are all the details;


Android Application

Quick installation guide

Google Play Store does not yet support real money applications. Therefore, when installing, you need to allow applications from unknown sources. The application has the security standards on our website. Install the application


If you have not done so yet, you will need to change your device’s application settings before you can install 3rd party software.

After pressing the menu key, follow these steps:

  • Find: Settings
  • Select: Security
  • Active: Unknown sources
  • Download the application
  • If the installation process does not start automatically, find the file Bets10 install.apk from the download manager. If you can’t find it, you can repeat the download.
  • If you obtain a message that the installation cannot be performed because the application is from an unknown source, please repeat the step for “Unknown Sources” in the beginning.

iPhone Application

Bets10 Mobile App is now on iOS

Just install it on your device and continue betting by accessing Bets10 from your iphone device.

10% Bonus on Prepaid Cards

Make your deposits with prepaid cards and your bonus will be transferred to your account instantly.

We instantly assign a 10% bonus to your deposit with Cashixir, Jeton, PayKwik and Paykasa prepaid cards.

Betting Section – Sports Betting – Live Betting

Betsson Betting Division always offers more than 4000 sports bets with the best odds . In addition, live betting option to bet during a match or an event, you can watch the match in high quality on the same screen and play according to the course of the match, predict the score or the team that will score, and add excitement to your excitement.

Casino – Live Casino

An age-old casino environment is offered in online games such as casino games, live casino , blackjack and roulette . Bets10 goes beyond the ordinary and is shown as a role model by its competitors in the industry. You will feel special thanks to the high bonus and exciting tournaments given in the casino section where you can find everything from slot machines, video slots, video poker, mini games and other casino games .

Online poker

In the online poker department, exciting, prize-winning tournaments and special bonuses , rather than the known poker game, are constantly updated to users.
Texas Hold’em, popular Omaha, Omaha Hi / Lo games all around the world are together. Show your Skill at online poker bets10, swallow the small fish.


Virtual Games, Scratch cards, and more. Whichever online game you are looking for, you will find the best quality and fun in the most reliable environment at Bets10 .

Bets10 means Realm Entertainment Limited, whose registered address is Level 9, East 14 Business Center, Sliema Road, Gzira, GZR 1639, Malta, registration number C51126, for more information you can check the About Bets10 page and e-mail You can contact us via the postal address.

Bets10 is licensed and controlled by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) under number MGA / B2C / 196/2010 (1 July 2028). Our licensed activities include Casino, Lottery, Fixed Odds Betting, Peer to Peer Poker, Bingo and Peer to Peer Games.

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iSoftbet games are licensed by the Alderney Gambling Control Commission (AGCC) under ISB Alderney Limited – License number 117 C2.