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It allegedly contained grave allegations against Trump, arguing that Bolton failed to adhere to the government’s approval process for book publication.

It allegedly contained grave allegations against Trump, arguing that Bolton failed to adhere to the government’s approval process for book publication.

But the US President is suing the publication: Officially, because Bolton bypassed the approval process. Unofficial because it is supposed to contain serious allegations. US President Donald Trump wants legal means to stop the publication of an apparently highly explosive book by his former security adviser John Bolton. The US government filed a lawsuit in federal court in Washington against the book’s scheduled release next week. It allegedly contained grave allegations against Trump, alleging Bolton failed to adhere to the government’s set of approval procedures for book publication.

The book is due to be released next Tuesday without the government’s review of classified information not being approved for publication having been completed. In its current form, the work contained such information and thus constituted a “” clear violation “” of the conditions of Bolton’s previous employment in the White House. Simon Verlag Schuster advertises the publication with the slogan “” This is the book Donald Trump doesn’t want you to read “”. It is generally expected that the former security advisor will give a detailed account of the Ukraine affair, because of which an – ultimately unsuccessful – impeachment proceedings against the president were initiated. but also with a number of other foreign policy fields.

In a previously published excerpt, Bolton also writes that almost all of Trump’s important decisions were determined by tactical “” calculation “” – a particularly explosive accusation just five months before the presidential election. According to the publisher, Bolton also reports on the “” Chaos in the White House “” Simon Schuster said of the lawsuit that Bolton had cooperated with the National Security Council in the White House in preparation for the publication. He made changes to the text in order to take into account the “” concerns “” of the panel. These changes will be included in the final version.

The publisher also underlined that it supported Bolton’s freedom of expression right to “” tell the story of his time in Trump’s White House. “On Twitter, Bolton referred to a statement by the American Civil Liberties Union.” (ACLU). The organization compares the lawsuit to censorship and concludes that attempts to stop the publication will fail, after Bolton left the White House in strife in September 2019. He is a particularly rigorous foreign policy hardliner and had crossed over with Trump on a number of issues, such as dealing with North Korea. Bolton later threatened that he would testify against the president in impeachment proceedings.

It dealt with Trump’s pressure on Ukraine to initiate an investigation into its presidential rival Joe Biden and his son, who wanted to summon Bolton during impeachment, but this was blocked by a majority of Trump’s Republicans in the biology essay service The Congress Chamber then acquitted the President of the allegation of abuse of office in February. Source:, agr / AFP “US military vehicles will be driving from Germany to Poland in 2017 to strengthen NATO’s eastern flank. (Photo: picture alliance / Maciej Kulczy) Thousands of US soldiers could leave Germany in the next few months and be relocated to Poland. At least that’s what Washington is currently hearing. That would be a welcome step for the government in Warsaw. It refers to the “” real danger “”. Poland wants to benefit from the planned withdrawal of US troops from Germany.

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki expressed the hope that some of the withdrawn American soldiers would be stationed in his country. He referred to numerous discussions that Poland had had in the past. “” The decision is now on the US side, “” Morawiecki told radio station RMF24. The “real danger” lies in the east, Morawiecki added with a view to Russia. Therefore, a relocation of US troops to NATO’s eastern flank would “” strengthen “the security of all of Europe”.

Fearing Russian interference, as in Georgia and Ukraine, the Polish government has long been campaigning for a permanent presence of US troops in their country. Poland has shown what a reliable NATO partner it is, said Morawiecki. According to information from his government, US President Donald Trump has ordered the swift withdrawal of thousands of US soldiers from Germany. 9500 of the 34,500 US military permanently stationed in this country would be withdrawn by September, said a government employee. Some of them will be relocated to Poland and other allied states, others will return to the USA. The “Wall Street Journal” reported that the maximum number of US soldiers stationed in Germany at the same time should in future open 25,000.

The newspaper did not give a reason for the planned troop withdrawal, but referred to US President Donald Trump’s repeated demands on Germany to increase defense spending. The White House and the Pentagon initially neither wanted to confirm nor deny the plans. Source:, hul / rts / AFP “Even after he slept on it again, US President Trump reiterated the accusation of election fraud to his disadvantage. Via Twitter He sows doubts about the postal votes, which are melting his lead in some states. It is early Wednesday morning in Washington DC, and President Trump is back on his smartphone after a long election night. In two tweets, he accuses several states that have not yet been counted, to set off his former lead with supposedly questionable postal voter votes. “” Last night I led, often considerably, in many states, most of them ruled and controlled by Democrats, “” writes Trump. “” Then one lead after the other began on magic To disappear when surprise ballot paper bags were counted. VERY STRANGE (…) “” In a second tweet, Trump adds : “” How is it that every time you count postal votes, they are so devastating in percentage and destructive power? “” In fact, the count is dragging on in Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, among others, because of the high number to postal voters.

Because the proportion of Biden voters among the postal voters is apparently significantly higher, Trump’s initially large lead in the counts, for example in Michigan and Wisconsin, gradually melted away. Until Biden even took the lead in Michigan. Trump has been sowing doubts about the integrity of postal votes for months while downplaying the danger posed by the corona pandemic. This also explains why his voters made significantly less use of the postal voting option. That night, Trump surprisingly proclaimed himself the election winner, although the count had not yet ended in many states. “We won this election,” he said in the White House, to the surprise of conservative politicians and commentators.

Trump warned of an alleged “” fraud against the nation “” in the election. He announced: “” We will go to the Supreme Court. We want all voting to end. “” The statement allegedly referred to the counting of postal votes, of which Pennsylvania also wants to count late letters – to Trump’s annoyance. Campaign Manager Jen O’Malley Dillon said in a live-streamed press briefing, “” Joe Biden is about to win this election and he will be the next President of the United States. “” So by Wednesday afternoon, the vote would be counted. that Biden emerges victorious. O’Malley Dillon said Biden will win in the states of Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania that are still open. Source:, shu “Wolkoff was a consultant for Melania Trump from 2017 to 2018. (Photo: REUTERS) Stephanie Winston Wolkoff works as an advisor to Melania Trump until she falls out with the presidential family.

She then wrote a revelation book about the life of the first lady. The US Department of Justice suspects betrayal and files a lawsuit against the author. The US Department of Justice has filed a lawsuit against author Stephanie Winston Wolkoff for her disclosure book about the US First Lady, Melania Trump. The former advisor to the First Lady had breached her contractual obligation to keep information from the White House confidential by publishing the publication, the Ministry justified the move.

Wolkoff served as an unpaid advisor to Melania Trump from 2017 to 2018 and as such was not an employee of the US government. According to the Justice Department’s complaint, however, she had signed a contract-like and thus enforceable agreement prohibiting her from disclosing unauthorized information from the White House. If the Justice Department wins the lawsuit, it could confiscate all of the proceeds from Wolkoff’s book.

Wolkoff’s book “” Melania and Me. The Rise and Fall of My Friendship With the First Lady “” (Melania and I. The Formation and Failure of My Friendship with the First Lady) was published in September.

In the book, the wife of US President Donald Trump is portrayed as a bitter rival to her stepdaughter Ivanka Trump. According to the disclosure book, the first lady Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner referred to, among other things, as “” snakes “”. Wolkoff fell out with the Trump couple in 2018 after it became known that their company had received millions of dollars for organizing Trump’s inauguration and other events. Source:, jpe / AFP “News and information at a glance. Collection of articles by on the subject of US foreign policy The Chinese government is expanding its powers in Hong Kong.

US President Trump therefore wants to delete the preferential treatment of the special administrative zone. That should annoy Beijing, but also directly affect the citizens of the metropolis. Going it alone, such as the targeted killing of Iranian General Soleimani, is a thorn in the side of many US MPs.

After the Senate, the House of Representatives is now voting for a resolution that restricts the president’s military power. But that is not the end of the matter. While the Palestinians are angry at the US attempt to resolve the Middle East conflict, the Israelis want to follow suit.

Defense Secretary Bennett calls for 30 percent of the West Bank to be annexed immediately. They have not parted for good: US President Trump separates from his National Security Advisor Bolton in September. There is disagreement between the two on several foreign policy issues. Trump is now making serious accusations.

The US and Trump are risking war in the Middle East – there is no escalation. Trump may feel like a winner, but the US continues to lose influence on the diplomatic floor. In contrast to the President of Russia.

By Volker Petersen The Bundeswehr’s training mission in Iraq has already been interrupted because the situation there is becoming more and more explosive. Now the international military coalition is suspending its fight against the terrorist militia IS. The Iraqi parliament also passes a resolution for the withdrawal of all foreign soldiers. The US Army kills Iran’s main military. Tehran announces vengeance but has few options.

And President Trump is breaking one of his most important promises. Analysis by Benjamin Konietzny The deadly US air strike near Baghdad puts an entire region in a state of emergency. Moscow is deeply concerned.

Beijing calls on the US to exercise restraint. Israel is preparing for the worst. China accuses the US of “meddling in internal affairs”. The US Congress takes the side of the Uyghurs, some of whom Beijing sees as terrorists. For China it is clear: Washington uses “” double standards “” in the fight against terrorism.

The trade privileges between the USA and Hong Kong are to be examined more closely in the future after the ongoing mass protests. The US Congress wants to prevent the sale of tear gas and rubber bullets in the Chinese Special Administrative Region. “Lil Wayne is one of the most successful US rappers of all time. (Photo: REUTERS) The incumbent US President does not have many prominent supporters. A few days before Donald Trump can win one of the elections: Rapper Lil Wayne reports of a “” great meeting “” with him, apparently about the creation of new jobs for African Americans.

US President Donald Trump received support from US rapper Lil Wayne shortly before the November 3rd election. “Just had a great meeting with Donald Trump,” the musician wrote on Twitter. In front of three US flags, the two posed side by side with a thumbs-up for a photo. Trump’s spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany confirmed that a meeting in Miami had taken place on the sidelines of Trump’s campaign events in the US state of Florida. Trump listened to them today and promised help, Wayne wrote in his tweet.

The rapper, whose real name is Dwayne Michael Carter Jr., referred to Trump’s so-called “” platinum plan “”. The Republican promises, among other things, three million new jobs for African Americans, 500,000 new black businesses and better access to education and training. Many fans of the 38-year-old rapper cannot understand his support for Trump. The president is repeatedly accused of being a racist and of not clearly distancing himself from so-called “” white supremacists “” – people who believe in white supremacy.

Trump himself often emphasizes that no other president has “” done so much for African Americans as I “”. The president has not done anything for African Americans during his term in office and will continue not to do so, some followers comment on the post. Trump does not meet with political decision-makers, but only uses the names “” uneducated rappers “” in the election campaign, which could give him new reach. One African American writes to black people from the middle class: “” We have to understand that black people are no longer for us as soon as they are rich. “” Lil Wayne calls her a “traitor” “and announces his music to delete.