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40 For The Weirdest Internet Sites On The Web

40 For The Weirdest Internet Sites On The Web

Then be prepared to have your mind blown with this unruly bunch if you’re looking for pointless, weird and irrelevant websites. I’m right here to create you to definitely the world’s most useless internet sites.

The online world in fact is a wonderful spot. It catches the eye of all our curiosities, passions and hunger for knowledge. You will find social media marketing systems and news internet web sites for maintaining into the recognize on both affairs that are global the life of one’s buddies. You will find video clip web web sites where you are able to immerse your self in music, funny videos, unusual footage or separate documentaries.

There’s sites that are academic company web web web sites and shopping sites that make it easier than ever before to find knowledge, products you want or require. Holiday internet internet web sites, blog sites and vlogs that bring you closer than ever before to individuals and locations that share your passions. You can easily bank on line, shop on line, work online, chill on the internet and learn online. Oh and the kittens and puppies, whom could ever forget about those, the web is swarming with kittens and puppies.

Remove your rose-tinted eyeglasses for a moment and you’ll observe that the net is as strange as its wonderful. Every website began as a concept, plus some of these some ideas had been, to be reasonable, ‘strange’ as you would expect. Wish to know that which we suggest by strange? Well prepare for a rollercoaster even as we simply take you through a few of the strangest, many strange, useless and strange sites on the market. You should be careful to place a cushion on the desk so that you don’t slam the head down too difficult and provide your self a concussion!

The one who created this website is undoubtedly psychological and this is a definite cry for assistance. Assist him whenever you can. The king of pointless internet sites!


Ducks Are The Most Useful

If you prefer 1980s quality computer layouts along with an unhealthy obsession with ducks, then this is basically the website for you personally. With every quiver of this mouse, more ducks can look on the display and soon you is able to see absolutely absolutely nothing however these loveable packages of feathers.

The Quite Spot

In the event that you invest a lot of time sitting at a desk and staring into a pc display screen, then this site will definitely be well valued. The thing that is only will have to do is press your spacebar and read. Enjoy.

Stealth Ships

A niche site specialized in pictures of stealth ships. Just click from the url to expand the images of the difficult to see ships. Yes it might look like there’s nothing here, but i will ensure you they’ve been so stealth, it is quite difficult to see them 😀

Ninja Flex

Another useless and strange site the just says “Ninja Flex” in a over voice that is dramatised. Extremely strange, but quite funny. Difficult to think that somebody went along to your time and effort of registering a domain title and spending $20 a for this year.

Endless Horse

Among the strangest sites I’ve ever seen. A horse with never ever legs that are ending. Keep scrolling and also you might get to the base of it….or not.

That The Finger

Providing you the finger that is middle repeatedly and again. Totally useless and worthless site at its most readily useful.

Bury Me Personally With My Cash

Quick Draw

Your possibility to try out your drawing abilities by seeing if Bing can imagine what you may be drawing.


A terribly hypnotic internet site that does nothing but cause you to feel a small bit unwell. Going gradients, expanding tunnels plus an creepy tone that is red to the entire weirdness and pointlessness with this website.

Go Now Think Later

A giant checkers board where in fact the pieces move ahead their along with no control over. an example that is great of web web web site that does not really should be on the web.


Most likely among the strangest sites I like tinder have seen. Maybe maybe Not certain exactly what its exactly about but “bees” appear to be a strong theme right here.

Cat Bounce

Whom does not love kitties? This website is not difficult in it’s function. To celebrate kitties by allowing them to jump around your display screen like small furry bouncy balls.


Go your mouse over an it’ll and circle divide into 2, then 4 then 8 an such like unless you get mad and wish to tear the hair on your head down. Enjoy.


Only a little site that is motivational allow you to get hypes for your day’s hustlin.

He-Man Sings

Quite a watch that is addictive. He-man sings to your backing songs of numerous of your favourite tracks.


This website really makes me feel unwell. The songs when you look at the background, in conjunction with the graphics that are moving does make us feel as you are dropping into an infinity.

Republique Des Mangues

Look at the republic of mangoes and rejoice within the drifting mango in the sky. Extremely strange, really strange and exactly why would anybody build a niche site such as this? Simply because they can!

Another simple and weird website that’ll chant “RGB” at you using your computer speakers. RGB is short for Red, Green and Blue in the event that you don’t know already.


Alan Partridge is really a legend over here in the united kingdom and also this loop that is little of playing the bass to Daft Punk’s have happy is just genius! There’s nothing much to it, many associated with best a few ideas are simply that…simple.

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